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  1. Hi All, I had no problems with the "previous" version of decryptor. I was also infected with the amnesia2 ransomware and are busy decrypting files, thanks to Emsisoft team. Also remember decrypting is a long process.This is what I have done and hopefully it may help: - Copied the encryption files on external harddrive. - Copied the decryptor file on a "clean" pc on desktop. - Right click on decryptor icon and under properties I checked the following "boxes": - Run as administrator & Compatibility mode: Windows 7 - Closed all programs as decryptor will use 100% cpu resources. Regards,
  2. Thank you Sarah W and your team. I have managed to decrypt some files successfully with the new decryptor. I'm going to decrypt some folders this weekend, but so far all seems to be working! I will be in contact next week with your security team @ Emsisoft for advise on purchasing and implementing your products for my corporate clients here in South Africa. Many thanks!
  3. Hi all, Thanks again for all your help and effort. Attached the "guide.exe" file aswell. Hope this will help. Many thanks, guide.zip
  4. Hi all, I've got infected with the .amnesia ransomware. Also it is positively identified as the Amnesia Ransomware by the Ransom ID website. Also I have the original and encrypted files, but the decryptor is not working. I've tried a few files, but stil no luck. Attached some sample files. Any solution yet? Many thanks. COR39_CAB Foods (Pty) Ltd - 15.07.2014 Final.tif d00000000009Hw7KeP8T-iNEjE3+ZCUZ4k+8SLu3FdzsLuv5gGAea7WdgJNKDa1JNA0omTmHcLxXBxBAYH7Yh4cYbUT7wOBo.amnesia 70000000003XqDYIu1r3MUqU37tygXaalMjY9fTa5FmF3SpDWR4FWM.amnesia 4w000000003q+lytC77sYWx+9u36PqkB1VQw+kJexdrj0JBMQATgZg.amnesia HR Manual.docx
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