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  1. Talk about "taking one for the team" (two, actually)!
  2. In the midst of the turmoil - THANK YOU to the Emsisoft team! Sarah W. - thanks for a prompt response to my separate post. I'll patiently wait as the professionals do what they do, unrewarded, but for tidbits of Appreciation.
  3. Very much appreciate your help & response! Thank you to the entire 30-person (or so) team that puts their time & efforts into these situations... We usually do it to ourselves. I went through that post, and will do so again - I likely missed something. I'm hoping there is a decryptor that i missed first time around. Luckily, we had offsite backups, because the NAS was hit as well. I've already rebuilt the server and double-checked firewall for any changes, but I'd like to decrypt that NAS... THANK YOU
  4. Infected Server2008. File extensions end in ".BE87R". Ransom notes indicate "Nemesis decryptor". Email associated is "[email protected]" id-ransomware.malwarehunter.com reports that the files I submit are part of the Dharma .wallet family. Running the "avast_decryptor_crysis.exe" indeed shows that it sees the encrypted files as it processes them, but at the same time indicates no encrypted files found. Using the Cry128 decryptor, it doesn't recognize anything.. ### DECRYPT MY FILES ###.txt
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