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  1. No luck with the .onion files here either. Got my hopes up for a minute there. Oh well, hopefully the Kaspersky tool will help out some of the other people dealing with this at least.
  2. So Fabian, please don't take this the wrong way and also know that your efforts have been greatly appreciated, but it stands to reason that if you knew everything there was to know about this encryption then you would also know how to undo it. Realize I'm flogging a dead horse here but any method of encryption by design has to have an equal decryption method or else these morally defunct a-holes would have trouble keeping the money rolling in and likewise if it were some insurmountable feat to decrypt it the slightly less morally defunct but equally greedy a-holes from services like the aforementioned Proven Data Recovery wouldn't be able to fix people's files (for an astronomical price). It seems from GeorgeB's posts (massive kudos to GeorgeB btw) that he has been making a fair amount of progress so maybe some benefit could be reached from collaboration and openly sharing findings and results. It's also goes without saying that any positive discoveries can help fundamentally to build defenses against future threats as these guys are not starting from scratch every time they come out with something new. Yep.
  3. Kevin, though I am well aware that the decryption keys are case specific, the method of decryption is not. By examining and comparing multiple decryption keys there may be a way of identifying a pattern within them that could point to how to reengineer the decryption engine itself. Or perhaps you have a more effective approach in mind, in which case please do be sure to let us all know about it as there are a large number of people out there who would like to recover their files and the sooner the better.
  4. Any chance you could submit the decryption keys for analysis so that the rest of us might be saved the burden?
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