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  1. Thank you Sarah, it decrypted an image file. It takes quite a while for each file though. But it is useful to decrypt important files. Good job.. thanks again.
  2. It attacked the main folder of web site and encrypted all the images and .cs files. Also it encrypted the sql server database files and I cant login to sql server. They are asking 1 bitcoin and i said cannot pay. I tried to decrypt the key with decrypt_amenesia.exe but it said it couldnt. I bought the emisoft antimalware and deleted the malware Anyway i can encrypt it? They renamed the files to a new name with amnesia file extension. Even though i have all original files I cant match all since they renamed all. Thanks in advance 4M000000002vqCiUEssrfqgxVlwZTCnWwPNIsRmkcHmNGogjjeXT50.amnesia Default.aspx.cs HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT
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