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  1. I have purchased a new laptop and it comes pre-installed with McAfee live. How can I effectively remove McAfee, so I can install emsisoft antimalware?
  2. The instruction provided did help to remove the file in question , however when I re-downloaded the application there was an error that EEK cannot start. Note that I have extracted the files by using z-zip ( Right clicking the RAR archive, selecting Z-zip and then extract file) . This error stated 'The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click OK to close the application.' Any suggestion about resolving this issue?
  3. I wanted to remove EEK as the were some issues, I have tried to delete the whole the Emsisoft emergency kit folder in which all files except epp.sys was deleted. A pop up was appearing saying ' The action can't be completed because the file is open in another program. Close the file and try again.' How can I remove this file?
  4. Thanks GT500 for solving my problem, I have just installed 7-zip and extracted the files without any trouble.
  5. While trying to install EEK there is an error which keeps popping up ( The screenshot of the prompt is attached). Note the windows version is windows 10 professional 64-bit.
  6. Another way to frame this question is what will happen if you reinstall windows and require an internet connection to obtain the patch?
  7. I would like to ask how to reduce the risk of wannacry infection when reformating a windows 10 PC? And Would I be exposed while updating to the to the latest version of windows 10?