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  1. I was running the update process on a computer today (/u), and had an error: The update process was terminated. The key is registered with another machine. Reset required. This was after activating (with /k) with a valid key. We have 150 licenses for the commandline scanner, and still have free seats. What is the problem? How can I find out what the other machine is (given all installs use the same key)? How do I perform a reset?
  2. My goal is this: to find a way to uninstall/delete the commandline scanner files. However, I have run into some issues. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but fairly often. I am able to delete all the files with the exception of epp.sys. While I didn't run it as a service, it appears a driver is still used in any case. It is this driver which is left behind when deleting files. My question is this: how can I remove this driver? Can it be done without restarting? It seems running sc stop epp sc delete epp remove the service, but the file remains locked until after a restart. I am trying to automate things related to the scanner, and a required restart makes it much more difficult.
  3. Just the standalone version from that link, v. I have run the first command, but it doesn't print out any status regarding the key, and it does not show up in license center (https://cc.emsisoft.com/en/licenses/), but it seems it should (for example, each row shows computer name and last update). I don't know how to verify whether or not it is correctly activated.
  4. I recently received a message regarding an invalid license key from the commandline scanner. I have the respective license keys, but I don't know how to actually use them. According to https://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/cmd/, there is a /k=[key] flag for this purpose, although this isn't listed when running the program with the /? flag. But using it doesn't seem to result in any changes. No message is printed out regarding whether or not it works, and the license center doesn't show an activation. How do you actually activate the commandline scanner?
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