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  1. Just following up to see if any additional information is needed or any other sample files. Thanks, JT
  2. Hey Sarah, I appreciate the response. I've included a couple of files and the ransom note. Thanks, JT fbtwitter_tempFile_deletejune1.doc.BTC Folder Label for Textile.pdf.BTC BTC_DECRYPT_FILES.txt
  3. Hello, My system has been infected with ransomware using a .btc extension. I tried the available decryption software for KeyBTC, but I believe this must be a new variant, as it is unable to decrypt it. I've submitted a couple of examples. In April 2016 on bleepingcomputer, Fabian Wosar mentioned the possibility of it using 7-Zip for encryption. Not sure if anything ever came of it or if there are any other recommendations to recover the files. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, JT
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