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  1. Just wanted to report back and let you know that the new version of the decryptor is working fine - slow and steady process of recovering a few files that were lost in the backups.
  2. Thank you! I downloaded it and will test - turns out for the backup archives it worked by just renaming the extension to .zip again and do a repair in WinRAR - all good with getting things back in order!
  3. Our server was also struck over the weekend by this new version of Amnesia. Have tried the decryptor without success. Attaching sample of file recovered from backup and it's encrypted version. Any help you can provide on this is greatly appreciated as our company's software as a service is now completely still due to KLS Backup creating a corrupt archive (guess I only have myself to blame though for not checking the "Check archive on completion" flag.) If you need more files I have about 200 000 of them ^^ Cheers! 3M000000000XKK5JstF+7IxMHTFnIUl2.amnesia convert.DBF
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