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  1. Here are the new reports. My husband split our network last night and things seem to be working much better. I also ran your script last night, so if it made any fixes, that may have done it. We're headed out for a while starting tomorrow, so hopefully I won't have any issues on other networks. Really appreciate your responsiveness and help! Thx scan_170601-163057.txt FRST_01-06-2017 16.34.26.txt
  2. The original logs are attached. I did some more testing yesterday and my PC did fine at the oil change shop and at the library for over an hour, so I tried it at the neighbor’s house with the same satellite internet provider and it did fine there too. When my PC is on our network, it seems to zap all the bandwidth and lock up my machine and everything on the network. We’re thinking it’s not a virus but something in the way the PC connects. Any suggestions/insights? Thanks again for your help. Scan_170530-192227.txt Scan_170530-192150.txt
  3. I’m having incredible problems with my HP Pavilion Laptop, just purchased in December (windows 10). Even after running Emsisoft and deleting the 2 high-risk files that had been found, I can’t use the computer for more than 15 minutes before it locks up. I go between two locations and the problem is much more evident at this location, however, my husband has no problems with his laptop. When making a side-by-side comparison test yesterday, I found that his computer will have the spinning arrow if mine is on and locks up. When mine is shutdown, his operates normally. The internet speed test s
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