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  1. ftp://decrypt_tools_ro:[email protected]/RakhniDecryptor/
  2. Ola boa noite , hoje tive uma otima noticia , a Kaspersky atualizou seu software de decriptografia , e agora tive todos os meus arquivos desencriptados
  3. Really even after paying the amount requested the criminals did not release the keys and decryption software from my files, had to pay dearly for trusting these people, I ended my conversations with them. But be warned do not pay redemptions.
  4. Today even being advised not to make the payment, we made the payment requested by [email protected], email that was included in the redemption note. And after we made the payment, he did not provide the key to decrypt the files and asked him to make another payment. Unfortunately I got sick.
  5. I also have the same problem, and I also sent my files to Kaspersky, and I still have no feedback, I think my option will be to pay, since I can not run out of some files.
  6. Hi Fabian, In some cases it works. In my case it does not support the 830s7 extension type. Regards
  7. I here in Brazil I scoured the authorities, but they only deal with financial crimes, AOL has a department that receives these complaints, it verifies but the maximum that will do, it will cancel the access of this email account
  8. OK Cesar, I will also wait, even searched the local authorities, and denounced the crime of extortion, but they said they still can't do anything. I will continue to await the solution of this problem.
  9. I do not actually have the conditions to pay the ransom, and particularly had the backup of most of my files, but we always lost a few. I have entered this discussion to try to understand how file decryption works, since it's such a common process nowadays. I'll be waiting to see if anyone develops any tools that can decrypt the files that I don't have backup for the ransom payment, I have no intention of paying.
  10. I really wanted a solution to my problem, I just asked if you are part of development area because I wanted to know if there is anyone trying to develop something to descryptografar my files, I saw that there are several tools that descryptografam other types of ransowware and I understand that someone should create A tool that will do it for my files.
  11. Do you work in the development of new decryption tools?
  12. share your mathlab file here, we can try look into it I have this same problem, my files have also been encrypted, follow SICREDI.INI.id-1238399656_[[email protected]].830s7
  13. Hi, I have in my machine more than 30000 encrypted files, how do I know which malware to decrypt? How do I know if I can recover these files? I have tested more than 20 tools and none worked, my files are with the extension id-1238399656_ [[email protected]] .830s7, can anyone help me ????
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