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  1. Hello, I have upgraded my phone. When I enter my license key on the new phone, I'm getting message that the key have been already used. How to transfer my license to new device?
  2. When debug log is enabled the problem doesn't occur during start up. When I disable debug logging the problem starts happening again. I also noticed that Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 - May 2017 (KB890830) was installed almost at the same time with emsisoft update... I have restored my system to restore point created before any updates were installed and disabled KB890830 in windows update to prevent it being installed. After rebooting couple of times I have enabled emsisoft auto update. And the problem started to happen once emsisoft was updated. Again, once I enable debug log, the problem disappears. Disable debug log - the problem starts happening again.
  3. Same here. I have managed to roll back the update by using windows 7 system restore to previous date. Then disconnected network and rebooted. After that disabled auto updates in emsisoft. Running OK except antivirus database is couple of days outdated. Hope they will fix soon.
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