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  1. Hi All, We have been hit by ransomware. I do not have any original files to pair up with. The ransomware is detected as Amnesia2 however the program consistently crashes on me from 2 different machines. It infected a server and also targeted the backups on the NAS. I get a read access error flagged up on one machine and on the other the program just closes after 5 minutes without an error. Im at a loss, Im going to take a copy of the server and the NAS and put them into a test environment. If anybody needs anything from me for this just let me know. Any assistance is greatly appreciated 6g000000000wuHHXeap9yoTc8IInxXjM8IJj4+BrESY-LXTIhJTE+M.amnesia HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT
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