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  1. OK...so the fix is to turn ON the debugging...right???

    PER GT500's post: (scroll up till you nall see it in it's entirerty)

    If a popup asks about the Windows Command Processor please click Yes to allow it.

    A blue window with white text will appear, and you should see a menu.

    Click inside the blue window, and then press 1 on your keyboard, and then press Enter.

    You will be told that debug logs have been turned on, and to restart your computer. Press Enter again to continue.


    So if this is the fix...why is it temp? or are posters hoping for another kind of fix...I am confused. it has workd for me and seems like others on this post as well.

  2. I just started to do what GT500 said to do to send zip files...when I went to reboot EMSISOFT was up and running. I didn't need to complete what was asked of us. It just seems that when Microsoft did the update they created a virus to us EMSISOFT users. Windows defaulted to Windows Defender and interfered with several apps including NEAT scanner which still won't work with just about every fix try non the planet...it is a shame for sure.

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