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  1. I tried disabling the Surf Protection and it made a huge difference in my gmail account. I often have to search for files and theres almost next to no delay when I click from one email to the next.
  2. Hello, I just installed Emsisoft Internet Security. I'm using an older laptop and this program puts a heavy drag on the performance where trying to open anything is too slow. Especially when I'm in my gmail account and I'm looking for a specific file and have to keep clicking I have to wait forever. I love this program and I don't want to uninstall it. I do have Adguard as well. I had Bitdefender before this and the computer barely ran. I ousted it. I've had Emsisoft subscriptions in the past and always liked it. I'm tired of searching for a AV, so I thought why not do a little modification so I can keep the program. I cleaned out Bitdefender by hand out the registry because Emsisoft wouldn't install at first, so its all gone. Can you please advise as what to disable without compromising this computer? Its a windows 7 64bit. Thank you! Cordially, Moses