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  1. Like I said in the original post, it got nothing critical and I am just going to wipe the server in question. Thank the powers that be that I logged on when I did. I am an outside IT contractor that just started doing some work for these people and just happened to log in when I did and see what was happening.
  2. I did try that MalwareHunter site and it displayed nothing whatsoever. I'm no idiot but no matter which option I did (sample encrypted file, address, etc) it displayed nothing.
  3. Caught this before it wiped out the entire server but it still encrypted many files. All have a random extension like efg, hif, def, ccc, iii, etc etc Every file name is like this: [email protected] [email protected]@@@@CE12-B743.randomname-ABCEGHJKLMNPPQSTUVWYYZBCDEFGHI.KLM There are README.txt files in every folder that just say this: for decrypt files write you country to [email protected] Any idea which encryptor this might be? Any help greatly appreciated, thank you! [email protected] [email protected] README.txt