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  1. have you tried to install EIS on windows 7 pro your self to see if your product still works, Ive seen other posts in this forum about this issue that have had the same response from you, unresolved. that the update has been superseded and it should work, but it doesn't. the pc works fine up until you install eis, eis detects that the patch is not installed and if you go ahead and install it any way on the pretense that you say its installed via the update site now, then you reboot the pc and it crashes don't know what else to say. your software tells me to install it, it cant be installed and the software doesn't work no matter how many times you say it should with out it now. I guess I'll try Microsoft see if they can tell me why your stuff don't work any more.
  2. Thanks hjlbx. I guess I will try to install the update after a fresh os install offline then and see if that works, that was my next guess but have a bunch of stuff reinstalled on this now, thinking support here would have a bright idea and I wouldn't have to reinstall windows 3 times to get my virus software to work! But as stands after 5 years with emsisoft on 5 + pc's and multiple devices for my self and countless other recommendations to people, I wont be renewing with the current support for this issue.. It always erked me that if I forgot to download the none standard patch after setting up a new pc, it would go to the boot loop and hang issue if I was putting this on a windows 7 box for people, but the product and support out weighed the inconvenience. but right now I have to go even further out of my way to install this software by the looks of things, on what is still the best "microsoft update supported" available windows operating system, don't try to force me to use windows 10. you guys really need to come together with Microsoft to get your product to work out of the box. because if you put all your eggs in one basket getting your software to work for just windows 10, I'm afraid I got bad news for you guys. they are always making another piece of crap os version to out do the last and they use it for years while they fix the next piece of crap they release. I miss online armor and the old virus software you guys had.
  3. well this has effectively made my 5 internet security licenses useless if there is no fix for this because i don't use windows 10 only windows 7. i rebuilt the pc again and had the same issue with the patch and eis makes the pc crash with out it.
  4. Hi. Ive had to rebuild my pc and upon reinstalling windows 7 pro and doing all the updates i cant install the hotfix KB2958399 that you need to get emsisoft to work with windows 7. Ive done this many times in the past and never had an issue but now it says the update is not applicable. I tried searching for the update and its not installed and the installer of eis detects that the prerequisite is missing and you still get the bsod event after rebooting after installtion. any tips cheers.