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  1. Hello! A week ago our server was sifrovane. The majority of the files we managed to decipher. However, another 400 files are encrypted. An example of the Encrypted and the original file in the attached files. https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com recognize as Amnesia. However, Amnesia and Decrypter for Decrypter for Amnesia2 not help. Please help to decrypt files. 5w000000003Zo9ppJkzGhjVY0Rjnkvl-QZXiQ5u3c3MI+VF5kr04+0.[[email protected]] 6w000000001XOuXH1aFZCNEEfbv6Nmf0BBJkZd4dfLHTK0Yr+gJZ2g.[[email protected]] БДР факт 2013.xlsx Список участников.docx
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