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  1. No warning. It quarantined C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe - Detection: Backdoor.CChack (A)
  2. I just got this and Emsisoft blocked it but I can still open Ccleaner, so i'm a little confused. I'm using Emsisoft and Comodo Firewall.
  3. I heard of Glasswire but looks as it's pretty overlay to windows firewall. I'll have a look at those links. I use a Router too, but always been nervous to just use Windows Firewall and that alone. I never knew that about BB that it picks up Firewall/ port activity. What do you guys think of Comodo Firewall?
  4. So Emsisoft are merging EIS into EAM so no more firewall. Emsisoft says the Windows firewall does a reasonable job and protecting you and other people say no its not that good. I just want to hear from you guys what you think and to hear your input. Are you going to use a 3rd party firewall if so which one or are you just using the normal windows firewall. I'm on windows 7 by the way. Thanks
  5. Alright thanks everyone. I'll give Voodoo shield a try and see it there are any issues. I removed Malwarebytes because I read on a recent thread you shouldn't run EIS with it.
  6. Hello, I wanted to ask if EIS is compatible with Voodooshield or Secure A plus? Thanks
  7. I'm having this problem as well. I got the problem yesterday and uninstalled EIS and reinstalled it. I got the same error today. Any way to fix this issue?
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