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  1. Stampado files were found on an old server of a new client. the Infection seems long gone, but a picture of the ransom note is attached. The files do not seem to be decrypting, any advice is appreciated. Thank You 6DAD3FE5F526176E8BE9D6AE04D9088CD286C34A6311FE7CD961BAD0876B3917.locked 6EAD46EBF65F1314F3EAD6D904D8088FD584C33F63178509DC1ABBA4871A.LOCKED 6EDA479DF65F1314F0EBD3AB00D90CFCA981C43E1E1A850AD86DC7D4831A3D1050C98365....locked
  2. ID-Ransomware identified this variant as Amnesia2. Ransom note also looks like Amnesia2. None of the files are registered as Amnesia2 by the Decrypter. currently tested on files and ransom note: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/F%2F8DiwJfaYUI6sQYeowRuy9ELSFy8hQf Matching pair - https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/%2FAdVpeaoBYWdGdbwHkf33g
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