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  1. any way a "netsh winsock reset" command can solve the problem even with the bugged version...
  2. update to beta and reboot, the problem seems to be solved, thanks for your efficiency ! your product is just amazing and one of its kind !!!! what i really do love about it is it's very low resources usage, i really really do hope this will remain on future releases... (i remember using zone alarm before it became resources monster, then avira it was an amazing product too before it became a real mess with resources occupation, i hope this will not happen to emsisoft) good work dev !!!! i am really proud of what you provide.
  3. Hi, i am having this issue too with EIS but i find the cause as the error appear while i was modifying the computer settings... I am using Win10 x32... and the error appear while doing some advanced modification to winsock... (2 modifications type) 1. The error appear while i disable "NTDS" or "PNRP" winsock providers service (could be done over registry or command or tools) The easy way to access the winsock providers list is or autoruns from ms systeminternals 2. The error also appear when i change the network providers located in (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetworkProvider) key "order\providerorder" it seems that "EIS" need the LanmanWorkstation network provider Conclusion : Those services/providers should not be needed by EIS thus this seems to be a bug... Uninstall/Reinstall does not solve the problem... Note : i am installing the beta version right now to check if the bug is solved... Also, the bug seems to be kind a random... Thanks and hope my message help