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  1. I am getting repeated alerts of the "JS-Includer-AHH trojan" by my AV while browsing. This just started over the last day; I have gotten at least 30+ alerts of "blocks" for this by my Antivirus program. It seems like I have an infection that is being triggered by something. In addition, my AV found the HTML:FBJack-A trojan while visiting a site; this was blocked.by my AV program. Other malware that has been found recently includes: [These infections all occurred since mid-May; even though I did a major computer malware cleaning in late June which did not detect these]] Win32:Malwar
  2. I uninstalled and re-installed my printer software while my Antivir AV and Malwarebytes Real-time were off. The printer installed and was able to print while not connected to the internet. Then, I tried enabling the Windows XP firewall, Disabled the OA ( unchecked Firewall, web site guard, program guard, keylogger) and also turned off OA from the lower bar icon gui. I started my Mozilla Thunderbird and tried printing at a link in an email. It printed fine. I also previously had trouble copying and pasting items from internet pages; I was now able to copy/paste again. I went directly to an i
  3. I do not see any unusual blocked or other entries in the OA History. There is nothing in the Firewall log either that seems wrong. I tried disabling the OA firewall, program guard, key logger, web site guard and used the Windows XP Firewall. By this process I found that it was only when the "Program Guard" was checked the Print Box wouldn't appear but the above error message appeared instead. I tried printing a page from Internet Explorer with the "Program Guard" enabled and it allows the "Printer Box" to show. I was able to print to a pdf printer. I tried printing with firefox yet I get N
  4. I have just installed Online Armor -free recently and I am finding that my printer cannot print things over the internet when the Program Guard is enabled. If I go to a site and try to print from it by "select all" "copy" then "print" My printer cannot seem to print anything nor does the "Printer screen open" when Program Guard is enabled. I have tried to print things when the "Program Guard" is off and it can print to a pdf file via a pdf printer I have. I get the following error messages: A) Before you can perform printer-related tasks such as page set-up, or printing a document, you nee
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