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  1. i'ts Ok i've an other question, maybe i've ti create a new ticket : I've to change my server, ow can i do it to copy/transfert my emsisoft console management to the new server ?
  2. hello i've to Add on the EEC some exclusion. I've a batch on my computer login on start (exemple : user/JEAN/MENUDEMARRER/start.batch) how can i add a variable like %userprofile% /menudemarrer/start.batc to put on monitoring exclusion ?
  3. I'm loggin with the domain account administrator off course is it possible to do a teamviewer to see the problem? it's very problematic
  4. I install and a a domain computer ! and show nothing ! i instal in on other server, same probleme I install on a workgroup computer, it's seem Ok BUT i've to managed more 170 computer in a domain so it's indispensable to see this computer. I can't install one by one computer and i've a poor dsl connection for update computer by computer
  5. hello Now the console is Ok, but EEC don't show any computer on a DOMAIN. I try to install in a computer whith NO DOMAIN WINDOWS, and and my network, it's show Only computer with NO DOMAIN. How can I managed i've 70% of computer on a DOMAIN. I've 50 VLAN to managed, the console don't have a SCAN IP RANGE, I've to add each worksation manually ... I try to create a Policies, but as the console don't show Domain computer, install failed. I'm very disapointed, licend antivr expired this friday Thanks
  6. I'v an other probleme, maybe i've ton open a new message. The console can't discovery my computer in DOMAIN, it's view only in WORKGROUP How can do it ? I test on a computer on a domain, Nothing discovery I can't add some range of IP like 192.168.X.X to 192.168.X.X
  7. Hello I've solved the problem and it's run now, I can config and enter my passwords. I uninstall visual C++ 2008 x86 and x64 used by an other software and afther that it's OK I see the console use Visual C++ 2010 when it's Installed. I've Visual C++ 2010, 2013 and 2015 on my computer and EEC run ok
  8. hello I've already check the EECC services, stop & restart service Nothing have you and previous version of the console ?
  9. here a screen, i've install on a windows 10 computer, all EECC service is running, , same error
  10. hello, I juste buy a lincence and Install the console on a Win 2008 R2 Afther Installe and Reboot, when i logged i've always ths message : server LOCALHOST is being initialized........ and i can do nothing : enter a password, clic Ok...nothing What can I do