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  1. Locatex

    First Install of console

    i'ts Ok i've an other question, maybe i've ti create a new ticket : I've to change my server, ow can i do it to copy/transfert my emsisoft console management to the new server ?
  2. hello i've to Add on the EEC some exclusion. I've a batch on my computer login on start (exemple : user/JEAN/MENUDEMARRER/start.batch) how can i add a variable like %userprofile% /menudemarrer/start.batc to put on monitoring exclusion ?
  3. Locatex

    Console don't show my computer

    I'm loggin with the domain account administrator off course is it possible to do a teamviewer to see the problem? it's very problematic
  4. Locatex

    Console don't show my computer

    I install and a a domain computer ! and show nothing ! i instal in on other server, same probleme I install on a workgroup computer, it's seem Ok BUT i've to managed more 170 computer in a domain so it's indispensable to see this computer. I can't install one by one computer and i've a poor dsl connection for update computer by computer
  5. hello Now the console is Ok, but EEC don't show any computer on a DOMAIN. I try to install in a computer whith NO DOMAIN WINDOWS, and and my network, it's show Only computer with NO DOMAIN. How can I managed i've 70% of computer on a DOMAIN. I've 50 VLAN to managed, the console don't have a SCAN IP RANGE, I've to add each worksation manually ... I try to create a Policies, but as the console don't show Domain computer, install failed. I'm very disapointed, licend antivr expired this friday Thanks
  6. Locatex

    First Install of console

    I'v an other probleme, maybe i've ton open a new message. The console can't discovery my computer in DOMAIN, it's view only in WORKGROUP How can do it ? I test on a computer on a domain, Nothing discovery I can't add some range of IP like 192.168.X.X to 192.168.X.X
  7. Locatex

    First Install of console

    Hello I've solved the problem and it's run now, I can config and enter my passwords. I uninstall visual C++ 2008 x86 and x64 used by an other software and afther that it's OK I see the console use Visual C++ 2010 when it's Installed. I've Visual C++ 2010, 2013 and 2015 on my computer and EEC run ok
  8. Locatex

    First Install of console

    hello I've already check the EECC services, stop & restart service Nothing have you and previous version of the console ?
  9. Locatex

    First Install of console

    here a screen, i've install on a windows 10 computer, all EECC service is running, , same error
  10. hello, I juste buy a lincence and Install the console on a Win 2008 R2 Afther Installe and Reboot, when i logged i've always ths message : server LOCALHOST is being initialized........ and i can do nothing : enter a password, clic Ok...nothing What can I do