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  1. Hi Demonslay335, Is Cry36 encryption something in the foreseeable future to have a decrypter?
  2. Just been hit by encryption. I have checked with ID Ransomware and list potentially Cry36, Cry128. I have tried running Cry9, Cry128 (Runs through but doesnt find), Amnesia & Amnesia 2 (Runs through but doesnt find), and CryptON. Currently running HiddenTear Bruteforcer, but i believe this is not going to be helpful. Can someone confirm this is Cry36 and if so is there a decrypter available? Chrysanthemum.jpg.id-572002006_[[email protected]].s79ob slide-bullet.png.id-572002006_[[email protected]].s79ob Tulips.jpg.id-572002006_[[email protected]].s79ob ### DECRYPT MY FILES ###.html
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