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  1. Never mind the file size difference, it actually is 36 bytes different, I dont know how i missed that, was looking at KB instead i think. So now we just need the decryptor for cry36... :/
  2. Hackers brute forced my test account that i created recently and got in through RDP, they encrypted all files on main business PC. Files have been renamed to filename.id-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_[[email protected]].b1m74 When I compare files sizes of original file and encrypted file they are the same size. When i upload these to id ransomware website they say it is a Cry36 and Dharma ( dharma comes from the email used, so not sure if thats correct) Now from what i have read, the cry36 usually has 36 bytes different in file size, so isnt that what defines the cry36 encryption? How can my encryption type be called Cry36 if it has 0 size difference? Can this be a whole new Variant of Cry family? Can a professional elaborate on this? I have included a zip with both files original and encrypted and the note. ### DECRYPT MY FILES ###.txt testing.zip
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