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  1. When the pause button was pressed, the scan was at 66%. It changed to resume, yet the scan continued. When the scan does hit 80%, it does freeze as it calculates files as expected.
  2. According to my client. He has waited at least 5 to 10 minutes after clicking the stop/pause button. The button acknowledges that it has been clicked by being highlighted. But the scan does not stop. Also, closing the scan window and choosing to abort the scan does not stop the scan. The scan parameters are as follows: Scan all drives Update before scanning: Enabled Scan Silently: Disabled Run missed scan on next startup: Disabled Detect PUPs: Disabled Performance Impact: Reduced Priority On scan completion: Quarantine Scan for Rootkits: Enabled Scan memory: Enabled Scan for traces: Enabled Scan in compressed archives: Enabled, but has since been disabled in order to troubleshoot. Scan email files: Disabled Scan NTFS: Enabled File extension filter: Disabled Direct disk access: Disabled
  3. Note: Speaking for a client here. He is currently on a short trip and will return on Tuesday evening. What is known: Scan is set to start if missed from last scheduled time. Scan begins after resuming from sleep, or from booting. Scan cannot be stopped using the stop button in the scan window. CPU is maxed out at times while scanning. Drives are a mixture of SSD and HHD. Only known fix is to reboot the computer. Reinstall has not been attempted. Any ideas?