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  1. Hi Fabian, You were 100% right ... I renamed the PO.DAT.amnesia file to PO.DAT and it worked perfectly in the program. Can't thank you enough for all your help. You and your company have been incredible through out this entire process. I will be recommending the Emsisoft company to all my IT Associates and clients! Regards, Howard.
  2. Hi Fabian, Just saw your post right after I sent you my last post. Thank you ... I will try to put the file in the program (after renaming it) and see if it is readable/usable ... Thank you again! Regards Howard.
  3. Hi Fabian, The file PO.DAT, that we are trying to decrypt, holds purchase order data as you might assume by the name (PO.DAT). It is one of many data files for an old version (ver 6.51c) of a Point of Sale software called Retail Pro. I believe that this old version of the actual Retail Pro program was written in Turbo Pascal. I'm not sure if this will also help you at all, but there is also an "Archived Purchase Order" file that Retail Pro has, which did successfully decrypt. For your reference I have attached both the encrypted version of the archived PO file (POA.DAT.amnesia) an
  4. Hi Fabian, Please find attached both the encrypted version of the file, PO.DAT.amnesia, and a freshly created (empty) version of the file, PO.DAT. Looking forward to your response. Thank you, Howard. PO.DAT.amnesia PO.DAT
  5. Hi Fabian, I'm just following up on my previous post, realizing it was over the weekend. I'm just hoping to get some guidance some time Monday morning. As mentioned in my previous post, the PO.DAT file (currently PO.DAT.amnesia), is one of the last critical data files we are hoping to get decrypted. By the way, The Amnesia2 decrypter is still running, so my client is still partially down (been down since the the ransomware attach on 6/28/17). I was able to get them partially back up and running at the end of this past week with some of the data already decrypted; however, this PO.DAT
  6. Hi Fabian, Thanks again for your help the other day, and remotely logging into the server via TeamViewer. As per your suggestion, I did run the Decrypter from one of the workstations. The Amnesia2 Decrypter has been running for several days (and is still running). On a happy note, several of the critical data files in the company's main program have successfully been decrypted. There is a specific data file, called PO.dat, that was either some how skipped or was unsuccessful. I have tried to copy the "PO.dat.amnesia" file to another directory and run the decrypter from another wo
  7. Hi Fabian, I have emailed you the information as requested. Thank you again for all your and Sarah's help in this matter. Regards, Howard. P.S. My contact information, including my mobile phone number are included in the email. Feel free to call me directly if you would like.
  8. Ok ... I will install TeamViewer on the Server now, and email the Partner ID and Password shortly. Thank you, Howard.
  9. Hi Fabian, It's a Windows 2003 Small Business Server. Would it be easier (and better) if I just create an admin user with RDP credentials? (rather than installing Teamviewer on the server?) ... However, If you prefer to still use TeamViewer, than I would be happy to install it and forward you the credentials. Please let me know. Look forward to your response. Regards, Howard.
  10. Hi Sarah, What's my next step... I'm anxious to get the decryptor working and running. Thank you, Howrd
  11. Hi Sarah, Please find attached a PDF with screenshots. You will see that I get past the License Terms window, and to the main decrypter screen. Also, you will notice that I have included a screenshot of the Microsoft error message I receive after logging off the server session and then back on (the Microsoft message comes up after logging back on to the server). Screenshots - Brooks - Amnesia2 decrypter not loading.pdf
  12. Hi Sarah, Yes ... I do try to interact with the decrypter before it closes. I am now able to click on the License Terms window (where are prior to the recent things that you had me do, the License Terms screen would only flash on the screen and then close) ... I click on "YES" on the License Terms window ... If I do click on "YES", then the main decrypter program screen loads, but shortly after that it will close. However, if I wait too long and do not click on "YES" the License Term screen closes on its own.
  13. Hi Fabian, Thank you for the update. I am very appreciative for all the help, and do completely understand. I just wasn't sure what happened, because Sarah and I were messaging back and forth (minutes apart) and then I didn't hear back. I am of course anxious to get this issue resolved, but again I am so appreciative for yours and Sarah's help, and hopeful that your Amnesia2 decrypter will run successfully, once we can get passed whatever is stopping it from running. Thank you again, Howard.
  14. Hi Fabian, I went through several steps as per Sarah's instructions, and the Amnesia2 decrypter program goes further and gets to the main screen, but still closes and will not run. It's been over an hour since her last reply. Can I expect to hear from someone soon? Thank you, Howard.
  15. Hi Sarah, Are you looking at the ZIP file I sent you? ... Can I expect a response soon? I so very much appreciate the help from you and Emsisoft, and don't want to bother you; but I am anxious to get the decrypter working, and as I stated previously I am just waiting on your response (and have been awake for over 28 hours now). Thank you again for all your help, Howard.
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