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  1. I tested this issue again and it's fixed on Emsisoft 2017.8.0.7904. Great
  2. Well, strangely I changed the script path to the path of the shortcut the script was pointing and now it works. Seems this issue happens when opening shortcuts (.lnk files) through the script. Version of the script that do not hang the antivirus: Set UAC = CreateObject("Shell.Application") UAC.ShellExecute "C:\Program Files\VPNArea Chameleon\bin\vpnmanager.exe", "", "", "runas", 1
  3. Emsisoft also hangs if I run the script manually not only at startup. VPNArea works fine if I start the program by myself. The issue is that script. When is run (at startup or not), everything freezes. Sometimes a popup appears saying that Emsisoft is checking the Antimalware Network but it never disappears and if I click on it says that the program do not respond. I tried changing the path that points that script to another .lnk file and the result is the same.
  4. Hi, I recently installed VPNArea Chamaleon software (https://vpnarea.com/front/home/wincham) Everything okay until I checked the option to start the software at startup. The next time I boot the computer, Emsisoft freezes completelly and VPN Area does not start and even some programs remain unusable. The problem occurs when the VBS file VPNArea uses at startup is executed to start itself with UAC: Set UAC = CreateObject("Shell.Application") UAC.ShellExecute "C:\Users\darkl\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\VPNArea Chameleon.lnk", "", "", "
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