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  1. The renewal page of course however my key was unique as I had a conversation with a team member at the time and got a special offer Ect was not even listed in cleaver bridge as regular purchase at the time @ShadowPuterDude it was Davlat who helped me I believe
  2. @ShadowPuterDude that was fir 3 pcs 3 years same as my current license now i was told at one time by Claude Bader my renewl would be $45 USD which was more then reasonable
  3. Especially for a long term member i see no difference in renew vs fresh customer? renew says CAD 149.75
  4. problem is they all tend to revert to default ever since thwy reorganized scan levels i firget which version that was
  5. actually @JeremyNicoll I have EAM on default with pup scanning enabled and have used open shell on many pcs never had a issue until yesterday
  6. a prime example is yesterday my explore kept hanging and crashing i could not figure out why until a review of loggs I discovered as of yesterday Open-Shell/ classic shell was being detected as a code injecter keeping in mind the code base has not changed since 2018 its currently under review in FP however i know it is one and had i seen the update notification would have saved me a big troublrdhooting headache
  7. @Nikilet I would actually caution against not updating if you have Malwarebytes juding by the fix log i shared
  8. @GT500 how about? version component 1.0.979 https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/257102-malwarebytes-41/?tab=comments#comment-1393497
  9. @GT500 tagging you in this hi everyone, as i am consistently checking and see ere is a new Malwarebytes version component update 1.0.972 this must be manually checked for and updated in settings one once the inital update is complete malwarebytes will then request a full program update do so let see if this fixes our bsods?
  10. I think the issue is mire that you are taking away ALL users freedom of choice based on statistics no one sees but yourselves i mean you have done that alot -Firewall discontinued - always defaulting scanners to default even though we want through (my scan level resets every time i restart) -removing privacy risk module all based on data we adapt because we love the product but moderate to advanced users want more control we do not want to be lumped in with grandpa just let us have this one we haven't said much about the other stuff
  11. @GT500 is a solution expected soon? also do i get a metal for this one sometimes i feel like people cant be bothered but I make any effort I can to help male products better
  12. @GT500 it is always good to keep corporate members happy but in this case remove it for Emsisoft Business Security clients pnly and default to off for consumers problem solved
  13. @GT500 thats both great and unfortunate news so lets assume that is the cause anything either party can do to ensure this gets resolved properly ? you still have contacts over there right? if so i fully concecent to the sharing of data to aid in product harmony
  14. would rather have it reverted i liked the notifications if not many users are using a feature leave it off by default give the user the choice don't just strip it based on statistical data
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