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  1. ive seen so many .3 updates today via the blog not sure what to think im on stable
  2. Unfortunately no i do not but i would still very much like to help is there anything else I can do? I can tell you the lag for notifications is only in 2 places when it first appears it lags for rough;y 3 seconds when folding out and the notification timer (blue bar) lags for about the same amount of time oddly the notification disappears with no hesitation as before not a major issue in the grand scheme but certainly not pleasing
  3. Sine updating to 2019.2 i have noted a lag in animation speed in general but particularity in regard to notifications
  4. Well I do not have data to disagree I will say that there is no viable reason for it not to to be recognized by the product as it is Chromium based and Emsisoft could set a precedent here im not asking all Chromium browsers to be green lighted just Vivaldi because marketshare may be low and may always stay low however you know as well as I do it is way ahead of competitors and has staying power
  5. as both a user of EAM and a Vivaldi tester I feel that Vivaldi needs to be "officially" recognized by Emsisoft as a browser EAM settings claim my default browser is not supported thus a option to install the exstention is not given yet is for all "major" browsers i realize i could jjust install it via the chrome store however thsa post is about recognition Vivaldi is probably the best and fastest growing alternative browser in recent years
  6. where has this moved to in the latest update ?
  7. so now we have answers however it begs the question how is this different from other products a selling point for EAM for me has always been no bloat
  8. Got this update but no blog post? this other forum post raises concern as well https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/30341-is-this-legitimate/ My program is on stable channel i have never used beta
  9. Hi it was already allowed AMN but i was more or less asking for thoughts and feedback what is your experience with the program ?
  10. So I was advised to use this software to mange a work related Instagram account https://gramblr.com/uploader/#home it seems behave like a excitable web app? EAM flagged it as cyptomalware but later approved it after a malware network check i never connected it to anything and uninstalled it immediately for safety sake but any thoughts here?
  11. malicious blogs seem better and faster privacy risks still somewhat off and on is there a test site i can use that would not harm my system?
  12. @GT500 I see that this fix is currently only being tested on 32 bit systems I suggest also including 64 otherwise I wont get the fix
  13. @GT500 1. yes it does persist 2. yes it does occur on default
  14. Here are my steps as follows using the latest 63 bit version of Vivaldi 1, my Vivaldi is set to only remember history and cookies per session (this is one reason why your theory may be wrong) 2. Privacy risks in eam are set to block and notify 3. go musicbrainz.com it will block a archive url close browser re open no detection no log ( you can clear all data if you like it will still behave the same) I know these are FP but i worry how a true incident would turn out if this is a bug and it remains if you still need logs i can get them for you