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  1. Yes well all I am wishing for is that someone can can provide a sample of this do it can be analyzed and EAM can block and or removed so manual removal is not necessary being that this seems to be "new" it seems all the more important this sees armature right now but BC gave credit to a security researcher whose own blog seems to hit that in may contain a key logger and second payload so it would be great if someone could look into this that would be great this may have been a test run for something larger and im a subscriber myself so i do worry
  2. That is not a very sound argument at all while it is true common sense can save you most of the time even the most experienced user can make a misjudgment if the attack vector is presented in a certain way and it does not mean we shouldn't do our best to analyze detect block or remove such a threat
  3. The incident is detailed here on bleeping i do not have a sample unfortunately but this needs detecting blocking and if possible https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/popular-anime-site-crunchyroll-com-hijacked-to-distribute-malware/
  4. I came across this because I often view youtube reviews this is clearly a really bad attempted but felt the need to report it regardless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYvPj8AHNTo
  5. EAM and MBAM

    ok if your certain i will put it back on the system any executions needed
  6. Are we still safe with defults

    oh i know there used to be a little check box in EIS under general tab (i think) for the file guard or BB but since change over its not there
  7. EAM and MBAM

    can you clarify that for me Arthur last thing i want is to create conflicts i do like MBAM and have a life time key id love to use it along side EAM right now i have EAM as my soul solution because i was advised by Kevin that they were incomparable but that was when i had EIS
  8. Are we still safe with defults

    I also noted that there is no setting to enable pup detection anymore?
  9. so i got pushed the antimalware update just to be safe though i restored factory defaults as well so are we still as protected as we were with EIS for standard uses or are there some change to make right away
  10. EAM and MBAM

    I asked because for awhile now ive been told they are not compatible
  11. EAM and MBAM

    So after internet security going away shortly can i reinstall malwarebytes now because one program now just feels naked thoughts?
  12. CLOSED "HxTsr.exe"

    how do i remove all the tools we use and do i keep the repair tools registry backup?
  13. CLOSED "HxTsr.exe"

    great now thanks kevin can you just explain what the tweak tool did and why you had merun it i just like to learn also heres the eek log i missed scan_170914-211005.txt
  14. CLOSED "HxTsr.exe"

    heres fresh logs after MBAM removal should we not be concernd by the errors warnings generated by the windows repair tool? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  15. CLOSED "HxTsr.exe"

    ok here ya go i will uninstall malwarebytes soon and i asked if you wamted the logs because there were some warnings in there so ill include them all in a zip just in case 2017-09-13_10.46.36-PM.zip Fixlog.txt