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  1. I know what kind of ransomware it is. It's teslaware, i accidentally clicked on the stub.exe file. the seller on hackforums just decrypted my files. thanks anyway.
  2. I;m sending this message from an old laptop I was doing stupid things on the computer, I was having a look on hackforums and I accidentally downloaded something and I don't know what.. or which page.. But my computer got locked, i can't enter any website or windows explorer or any other program on the computer, all of the files are locked in .dnr It asks me to pay 100 dollars worth in Denarius (DNR) coins sending to this address: D9SNTsRyi2C6RhE1AEkETSw8TSTG4vckXi .. Where can I buy this??!! How do I decrypt my computer? is there a tool to unfreeze my computer?? I have a second laptop to download decrypters or anti virus softwares, please help me!! i only have 12 hours to pay, otherwise my files will get lost!! I know i have been stupid by visiting those website, but i can't remember that i have downloaded something. please help me!! ----------------------- Ransomware message: All your files have been encrypted! All your documents (databases, texts, images, videos, musics etc.) were encrypted. The encryption was done using a secret key that is now on our servers. To decrypt your files you will need to buy the secret key from us. We are the only on the world who can provide this for you. What can I do? Pay the ransom, in Denarius (DNR) coins in the amount and wallet below. You can use novaexchange.com to buy DNR.
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