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  1. Kevin, As requested I've re-run EEK and FRST and the new scans are attached. As far as I can tell everything is OK though I'm reluctant to have Chrome running for too long. If you want me to use that - it was the centre of the problem - I'll happily do so if it adds knowledge. Just let me know? Bob Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_170713-114733.txt
  2. Kevin, First of all my considerable thanks for your help in this matter. It really is very much appreciated and enhances the already considerable - and growing - reputation Emsisoft has. The files generated during the cleanup process are attached as requested. I shall now reinstall Chrome and if there any further problems I will of course let you know. And of course, if there is anything else I can contribute please don't hesitate to let me know. Yours sincerely, Bob Patterson FixList.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt JRT.txt
  3. Just to add a bit more, Chrome was shut down until whatever has attempted to hijack it - assuming that's what it is - started it up, opened up a tab and attempted to connect to something called emboba.info using this url: hxxp://emboba.info/8s30pygutln9eunjlv8oxt7euu59i05dm58j5213mpnd63u5qmt5fdj99ary4ouiix6me6it91o3z7v00t8sayx012oohxmfiz It does seem to stall at that point with simply the word "Loading ..." on screen and nothing else. Trust that helps a bit more. Bob Patterson
  4. Hi, Searching this morning for a formula to calculate the result of a multi-innings cricket match (it's a big game here in the UK and other parts of the world!) I downloaded and scanned with Emsisoft a zip file which the search had suggested might be able to help. No negatives from Emsisoft so I unzipped the file. I stopped unzipping it when a second and then a third zip file appeared. I then completed scans by Emsisoft and in the process 19 I think it is malware objects were removed. The EEK hasn't found any more since then. However, my browser appears to have been hijacked. Every so often a new tab (in Chrome) will appear with the message "Loading ... " although nothing else appears to happen. I have also notice in the Programs section of Control Panel that there a program with what I suspect is a Russian name has been installed which has a publisher called Mail.ru. Another search of the web seems to show there are removal tools for it - I'm very reluctant to click the "Yes" button (which is in English) in CP in order to remove it. Can you help please? Files as requested are attached. Thanks in advance. Bob Patterson scan_170711-142150.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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