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  1. Hi, my comp is infected with Nemesis malware. The files are the same size as original but have a string ".id_1466273087_[[email protected]].mf8y3.id_1466273087_[qg6m5wo7h3id55ym.onion.cab]" attached to them. The extension is .63vc4 The tool Cry128 searches and in about 11 minutes fails to find any key. The tool CryptOn states "Reference file missing" and says that I should drop both the infected and the original file on the tool at the same time; which is what I am doing. The files are attached for analysis. I will be highly thankful if the key can be found and I can be told about how to decrypt the hard drive. Thanks a lot for the kind help. ADDHAR CARD CARD SIDE 2.jpg.id_1466273087_[[email protected]].mf8y3.id_1466273087_[qg6m5wo7h3id55ym.onion.cab].63vc4
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