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  1. Need a little help.. My PC got hit by ransomware because I clicked on a link. (which is my own fault, i knew it could be suspicious) moments after the i clicked on it, i got a pop-up from 360 total security saying ''unable to handle suspicious file'' And boom.. ransomware screen on my desktop. I have 12 hours to pay. It's asking me to pay 300 DNR and to contact [email protected] for a payment link. I'm not willing to buy, and I don't care a lot about the files I have.. would have been great if I could get some pictures back. Is there any decryptor available? already tried the method in this link, but that didn't help: I'm not going to pay, whatever the amount is. Thanks in advance. p.s. files are locked in .dnr extension. and i don't know what type of ransomware it is. EDIT: ransomware is DNR / Denarius type.. if im correct.
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