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  1. HI there I'm in the same situation here, all my files got encrypted, looks like by cry36, it's all personal files, video of my kids, photographs of kids, it's all gone. I have attached the original file and encrypted file if this can help to create the decryptor. Very sad and depressed Many thanks Jimmy 8 gingelly Close - receipt electrician certificate - 28 Feb 2013.pdf 8 gingelly Close - receipt electrician certificate - 28 Feb 2013.pdf.id_2314357193_[[email protected]].4x82n
  2. Same here got hit by this one, hope can find the decryptor soon. Right now I can only pray. ;(
  3. All my files just have been encrypted, all my videos and photos of my family, my sons since they were born are gone. Looks like it was Cry36 which I believe no decryptor till now. I have uploaded sample of encrypted and original unencrypted file if this will help anyone to create the decryptor. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u2uro2uxbndayja/cry36 encrypted files.zip?dl=0 Many thanks
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