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  1. Ritzter007

    Scan Silently Doesn't work

    I have installed the beta version: 2017.7.0.7797. So far after one scheduled scan everything works like clock work. The scan runs invisible and the window doesn't open when the scan is completed.
  2. Ritzter007

    Scan Silently Doesn't work

    Okay, I'll be watching for the new release. Will there be a post in this topic when the new beta version is released? I currently have 2 months left before expiration and renewal. Thanks for your help Arthur.
  3. Ritzter007

    Scan Silently Doesn't work

    Yes, I leave my machine running 24/7. The Emsisoft scan is scheduled to run at 4:00 AM. It takes no more then 15 minutes to run. I normally logon during my morning coffee, around 7:00 - 7:30 AM EST. I power down the machine at night once every 2 weeks or as needed to clear the cache and temp folders. I used to log off every night. I've been leaving the computer running 24/7 since January and power down like I mentioned earlier. This shouldn't make any difference.
  4. Ritzter007

    Scan Silently Doesn't work

    Jeremy > Yes I meant locked. I press the Microsoft key and the letter "L" key simultaneously to lock my computer every night. Every couple weeks I completely log off and power down my machine at night. The next morning I boot up and log on. Thew scan starts. GT500 > This morning was different. I had powered down the machine last night. When I powered up and logged on this morning Emsisoft ran just as you described. The scan ran silently then the window opened at the end showing no problems. It didn't even show in the task bar. That was different. I guess now I don't know whats happening. Is this closer to being normal?
  5. Ritzter007

    Scan Silently Doesn't work

    No, it's locked and needs a password to open the screen. When I logon, reopen the account, in the morning the Emsisoft window is showing. When I do power down my machine at night in the morning I power up and logon, the Emsisoft window opens and starts scanning. It used to scan with the icon appearing in the task bar.
  6. Ritzter007

    Scan Silently Doesn't work

    That's a little different then mine. During a scan for me the window opens right from the start. I schedule my scans daily at 4:00 AM. I also have the scan set to "run missed scan at start-up" if I power down my machine. As long as the technicians know there is an issue that needs to be resolved we are good. Thank you GT500 for your reply.
  7. Ritzter007

    Scan Silently Doesn't work

    Thank you Stapp. I have edited the original post to reflect my Emsisoft version number. BTW, before starting this topic I uninstalled Emsisoft and then reinstalled it and that didn't help.
  8. Operating System: Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bit Version: 1703 Build: 15063.483 Emsisoft Anti Malware Version: 2017.6.0.7681 SUPERAntiSpyware Professional - This has been on the computers before installation of Emsisoft with no side effects. Since the latest Windows 10 Pro upgrade from Version 1607 to Version 1703 the "Scan Silently" option doesn't work. The scan doesn't run minimized in the task bar. Instead, the window pops open and displays on the screen. This feature used to work flawlessly until a few weeks ago. This happens on both my Windows 10 PC's running the Version 1703. Has anyone else experienced this loss of functionality? If possible how do I fix this? Is this something the Emsisoft staff are working on? Please advise. Thank you.