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  1. Hello, First mention, Thanks for the use of the freeware. I find your program efficient at the task. A personal prefrence mention simply appreciate if all software developers would complete the setup prgram file propertise "details", with the install file or program file version information. It allows for a user to more easily make reference and feedback to problematic pograms, especialy when they can not be installed to retrive that information. I had the pior version wohout any difficuties but that was on Windows 8.1. after upgrad to Windows 10 reinstalled the upgraded version 2017.4.0.7437. I have the same problem mentioned in this thread title. Did everthing resomened and more with the same results. Including all temp files, running SFC, CHKDSK, DISM Renamed instal file, ran 5 other virus scanner files and a online scaner. deleted and downloaded file again. Not familar with the reported error so not knowing if it is a program or system error. The suggested solution here adds not clarity for possible solutions. Have not tied to install in Safe Mode not believeing it would help solve the issue. I somewhat vague as to whether this could be considered a portable program and thinking not, then under impression it is a stand alone. Which is what lead me to upgrade and not try to run the prior version. As portable virus detection programs usualy require to be upgraded (defintions) in order to work. The point is I probably would not be able to locate the prior version download again to install and make a comparision if its a Widnows or program problem. Surprised that there is not more feedback here on this program issue. Which leads me to think it's a system problem not experienced by many others.
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