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  1. I see a new version is out. Haven't tried it yet. https://decrypter.emsisoft.com/nemucodaes Version
  2. That would be version: [Jul, 13, 2017] - Version: That did not work either for this. I had tried the first version and the new version The new one takes a little time to search for the database, and after that 5 minutes pause, it then pops up with the same screen that says it can't find the database. I'm not harping on anyone, just saying that it doesn't work on what ever version NEMUCODAES I got. Thanks for the reply though quietman7 and anyone else looking into this...
  3. I too have this problem, even with .54 version, I can look into the temp folder and find the following (See attached .jpg). I think these are the files, and that is the .DB. But the Decrypter for NemucodAES goes through it's searching and never find it. Thanks for all that you do. -Troy
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