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  1. I am using Anti-Malware, there was no option to download internet security
  2. Does Emsisoft come with a firewall? Do I need to turn on windows firewall when Emsisoft is installed?
  3. Ya but Some registry keys and files will remain in the system, which may cause problems while using other antivirus software. can I have the link to download the uninstaller....
  4. I am planning to install next beta on my host, so could you please give me the uninstaller.
  5. yup It was solved after a reboot, can I install the beta version on the mainstream when it's out? how do I know when there is a beta available?
  6. Its solved after an update... But i think i found something new.. I'll create a thread soon...
  7. anyway, once again sorry for my rude behaviour. I normally Test software on VM, and panda is installed on Host. @Frank H I will provide the logs soon...
  8. So you are saying that the betas are bug-free? What if they miss one tiny bug? (bug-free software only exist in manuals, AFAI) What If I were able to find a bug in the next release?
  9. @Frank H I will send you the logs ASAP, and you can trust if I only need the key I won't send this messages because I have license keys of almost each and every antivirus out there, I use Panda Becuase its Light Here are some screenshots to prove that I am not lying.
  10. at first we need to know what is a beta, if a user paid for a software and its full of bugs (it always shows some errors, in case of antivirus it can't offer protection or falls detection) he won't use it, and when someone ask about he will give a bad impression to other users. (we may know this as rating). so the developers invented beta version, some users and advanced enough to solve some problems by their self (advanced users), the program is made by experts there is no doubt on that but they can miss some bugs or tiny problem which will generate a bad impression on the users, so they will give the program to its advanced users for their use (no one from the developing department is allowed to test it). when they meet any problems or errors or bugs they will send it to the developer team, so they can solve it before it gets to users. some developers may offer some gifts if the tester finds anything important. so no paid user will not test the product unless they are fools. (i mean they paid to get a beta version that does it even make any sense) normally it comes as a different product, (not like Emsisoft, trend micro, malware bytes) (like the panda, Avira), if no bugs were detected then, then only they will realise it as stable. so what I need from Emsisoft? nothing I just want to help, since I don't know when it starts I started using it, I only get >6 days to test the beta when it gets realised, I don't want a licence key, I just want more time. and if you think I am here for the licence key please check the last beta winners list on trend micro and panda security... show me love then only I can show love to you
  11. sorry if I was shown any rude behaviour, but I only got a 30-day trail and it will end soon, so how can I test the latest beta by 24? also, i still face this file guard issue, is it known?
  12. Well, @Frank H I don't mean to insult you. I asked about beta versions and how to get one. since I am new here, but just don't give me the detailed info. you just gave me a link, from there I got the idea about changing update feed. so if where a customer will you reply in the same way? Emsisoft is offering more protection to its user and they will let their friends and family to buy it, please don't ruin it by not showing interest to help. like I said this is not my first forum, I have accounts on almost every antivirus forum, this the first time I have seen this, sorry if that made you sad or angry, I don't mean to insult you in person. I just want to get enough info
  13. @Frank H I asked and private messaged you regarding this, but you just gave this option to me. I think you don't like your job just want to do something to make your boss believe that your working. so by 24, i need to change it into beta and run an update, right? is there anything I need to do?
  14. Frank H, It's not like that I have installed the same version of Emsisoft on windows 10 (which has a black background) and it was not visible. I mean I was able to recreate the issue...
  15. sorry, I don't get what you said, could you expand it a bit? is there anything I am doing wrong? is there any way to get a beta licence?
  16. I don't see any error, please check the logs. (logs attached) as you can see in the screenshot I have changed the signature file type into beta and updated it, is there anything I need to do to get the latest beta version? Forensics_170813-163208.txt
  17. I have enabled all the protection setings including file guard, but after each and every restarts its get turned off automatically. is it a known issue?
  18. the problem is that the icon is invisible, please check the screenshot one more time. I am not even able to view it in "notification area icons" settings.
  19. as you can see in the screenshot security centre icon is not displayed in the task bar, but when I click it opens. is it a bug? is it known? Please Let me know Soon
  20. Shutdown Protection? I think we should not add that option to right click menu because when a ransomware comes as a crack or patch the user need to stop their antivirus to run that that file, they mention that in the download window. as the user searches for stopping the protection he will see and click on the shutdown protection button, boom all the files will be locked before he knows it. since we are not running in the background we can't do anything... I think the button should be like "stop protection" which will turn off automatic protection. since the behaviour analysis is running in the background we can block it... please reply and let me know if this suggestion worth of thinking...
  21. Hey, I am a beta tester. I really want to test some products of emsisoft... is there any beta testing on going now? is there any way to join any program?
  22. Is there any beta testing on going now? do I get any prizes if were able to detect more bugs or help you in any way?
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