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  1. I said it before!!! I didn't temporarily disable the firewall. I uninstalled it and cleaned off every trace of it with revo uninstaller. I've also tried ending all the related processes to the firewall from the task managers under processes!!! So again not Only I've tried updating with the firewall completely disabled, I've even tried while it didn't even exist on my computer anymore!!!
  2. I've been trying for the past 10 days now so I don't think it could be bacause of an overloaded server. I've also tried updating it in safe mode which didn't work. All other security programs work and update without any problems and I don't have any problems with the internet connection or softwares. As I stated before I have already tried updating with the firewall disabled and even uninstalled. I've tried deleting a-squared free from the firewall allow list and allowing it again. but nothing seems to work. By the way I didn't disable it from the system tray.
  3. Hi When I try to update A-squared free, a connection error appears at the bottom saying "Could not connect to the update server. Please check your connection and proxy settings." I don't use any proxy and my internet connection is fine as all other programs work and I can surf the web. I have tried uninstalling and disabling my firewall and antivirus and a whole alot of other things. I have even tried completely erasing them and all their related files off the registry using revo-uninstaller, but nothing seems to work.I've tried installing and uninstalling a-squared free, but that doesn't work neither. My operating system is Vista 32bit I use shaw secure antivirus and firewall I'd appreciate your help with this very much.