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  1. Windows 10 was installed by Microsoft.  I had Win 7 and was contacted by them that I was inline to get the initial download and did I want it?  I agreed and when it was announced they were sending out win 10 I received it.  It works fine, has all kinds of stuff I do not need or want like apps and cortana, who needs their computer to talk to them?

    My only complaint is that I get very  few windows updates, same with win 7; so I don't know if I have enough security.

    Thank you for answering my questions.

    Is Emsisoft different from Windows Defender and Webroot or the same?  I never know if I'm using too many of these programs.

  2. First scan, found adware in zip files and windows 10 kms activator. When i tried to quarantine your popup said if i did it could damage. What do i do?

    Wouldnt program find files that are bad to keep?

    I am a novice.

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