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  1. I am currently using the 'full' Emsisoft Internet Security' and I note that under the 'SCAN' heading, there is an option for Malware Scan. I'm guessing that this does NOT give the same result as using the stand alone 'Emsisoft Anti Malware ?' I had 'forgotten' about this stand alone Antimalware product until today, when I read an online article by The Windows Club, which mentioned the product. I clicked on a page to look at buying Emsisoft Antimalware but it also showed Emsisoft Internet Security alongside and I was surprised to see that under the main heading for the Internet Security package, it had a sub heading of " Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Firewall " so does that mean that the Antimalware product IS in fact included as part of Emsisoft Internet Security ? I have in fact paid up for three (?) years ahead with Emsisoft Internet Security, so IF the Antimalware stand alone product IS in fact included with Emsisoft Internet Security, then I'll be well pleased - but if it's NOT included, then I guess I need to fork out for three years of Emsisoft Antimalware ? ]