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  1. yes... I think in the same way... but they want to recover the files... btw after a few emails he stop answering.. I saw that the ip address is from Russia . I was trying with all the decryptor tools and nothing works....
  2. hi guys, do you know if there are a solution for this? I think that we are with the same ransomware... the result in id ransomware is Cry36 The txt that we found says: *** ALL YOUR WORK AND PERSONAL FILES HAVE BEEN ENCRYPTED *** To decrypt your files you need to buy the special software – «Nemesis decryptor» You can find out the details / buy decryptor + key / ask questions by email: [email protected] Reserve contact for communication (online chat): http://tptbibuegry2nvuh.onion (need Tor-browser) , , (not need Tor-browser) Your personal ID:xxxxxx I spoke with the guy via online chat and told me to send an email.. i sent an email but after a few emails, i sent him a file to recover and he didnt answer again. this is a very small company in Argentina... the money requested is too much for us... we offer less money but we haven't answer yet... Did anyone pay for it? did it work? Thanks for your help