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  1. is ok it will be solved no worries but always backup backup backup
  2. unfortunately, it is impossible to decode the affected data because threat supports double-encryption standards. if you don't have backups then you need to make the decision if your data is worth paying the ransom for and hope they honor it )
  3. which file extension you got? it is seem to be good business for them !!! where is Microsoft!!!!
  4. Hello! I have attached ransomware message to us and here is the file which can do the same to ur computer https://goo.gl/RgXcPB
  5. Hi Everyone one many MENA companies got infected with this type of trojan ( filecoder.fp ) and called x3m if anyone here has decryption tool pls support - attache example but I just would like to highlight something I already cleared the %temp% folder so if there is any tool that could help in decryption pls share -<RECORD> <COLUMN NAME="Time">8/2/2017 8:49:15 AM</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Scanner">Real-time file system protection</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Object type">file</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Object">E:\CAPEX\Engineering\KPI\### DECRYPT MY FILES ###.html</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Threat">Win32/Filecoder.FP trojan</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Action"/> <COLUMN NAME="Information">Event occurred during an attempt to access the file by the application: C:\Windows\System32\OpenWith.exe (2545605A4CB1F45782DB18A823488EFDB1D4E206).</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Hash">80EB695D912F7976FBD09213488E15A757190A5B</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="First seen here">8/1/2017 11:54:11 PM</COLUMN> </RECORD> </LOG> Conversion Line issues.xlsx.id_538706706_[[email protected]].4se9s
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