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  1. Hope this is correct! Thanks. -Kevin FRST new.txt
  2. Here are the results of the latest scan you requested. Thank you. -Kevin FSRT 9.14.17.txt
  3. Hello there. I am unable to run neither AdwCleaner nor JRT, much like the first time you asked me to do this about a month ago. You had me run Rogeuware at that time. Would you like me to do this again or do something else? I am going to be unable to come into the office tomorrow to run a scan but may on Sunday. Thank you. -Kevin
  4. Hello there. Here are the two most recent reports. The one dated 9.1.17 was one that I ran and didn't delete anything from because I wasn't sure what I had and what I had to delete. The second dated 9.6.17 is the one I ran and then deleted from. I understand that you do not offer phone support. I am just looking for some info on how you, and therefore I, will know when this is done? Not to rush anything! I am just curious. Thank you! Rogue 9.6.17.txt Rogue 9.1.17.txt
  5. To confirm, at this screen select everything found and delete them? Thank you.
  6. For the record, I was not able to complete the first Rogue task of selecting the deleting files from the scan as I was not able to select anything to be deleted. Thanks.
  7. Good morning, Kevin. I am still looking to have a brief telephone conversation, if possible, to get the big picture regarding this project. Please let me know if you are open to this or not. I really appreciate the help so far! -Kevin 1-508-668-3970
  8. Hello, Kevin. I am sorry but I am bit lost here. I ran that scan again and went to "select the following" but it was not in a format to simply select a line and delete the material. Further more, I am not really sure what I am deleting or where we are with this process. Would it be possible to speak on the phone briefly sometime next week so that I can clear up some stuff? For example, I am not sure if you are waiting to get the correct report in order to delete the viral material or if each report is just one part of a continuing process....and, if so, ....how long do you expect it to go on? A quick call could clear these things up for me. The close to 4 pages of line that accompanied your last reply I think can be found in the report but there is no option to delete lines in this format. And the format which would allow me to delete files does not match the lines you sent. Know what I mean? Just let me know if this is something you might be open to, if you would,? and we can set something up. As always, I appreciate your work on this!-Kevin Roguekiller Report.txt
  9. Hello there. Here is the report from the RogueKiller scan. Thanks again for your continued guidance. -Kevin Roguekiller Report.txt
  10. Got it. I will do this at the end of the day today when no one needs the computers up. Thanks again. -Kevin
  11. By any USB or external drives, do you mean anything connected via USB as in keyboards, a blue tooth receiver and mouse? And this computer serves as my server and there is an external back up "bank" connected to it....I hesitate to disconnect that. Can those things stay connected while RogueKiller runs? Thank you. -Kevin
  12. Damn. I tried running Adwcleaner and got the same message I originally received: .exe is not a valid Win32 application. Please advise. Thank you. -Kevin
  13. Hello, Kevin. I am back at the office and back on the case! Thank you.
  14. I had the system bypass that alert and run the scan which it completed. Please see the attached file with latest info obtained on 8/16/17 and advise. Thanks again! -Kevin Fixlog.txt 8.16.17.txt
  15. Hello there. I think I did it. The FRST tool I found didn't have a "64" next to it, though. When it started running, this message came up. Please advise. Thank you!
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