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  1. Happy to report that FRST + the fixlist.txt you supplied have resolved this issue. I can use this elsewhere ( once I have generated a fresh fixlist.txt ) and fix this without needing to reinstall Emsisoft. Excellent and many thanks !
  2. I am preparing the FRST output files but not sure of the content and whether I should be posting them in a public forum. Can I get them to you in another more secure way ?
  3. No joy, I'm afraid. Completed these steps ( adding an extra restart at the very end ) and still Windows doesn't see Emsisoft as a security provider.
  4. Well spotted - Emsisoft isn't even reported as a security provider even though it is installed and active.
  5. Two screen shots attached. This is on a customer system and I have the same behaviour on another machine too. Both are Windows 10 Pro x64 running 1909.
  6. Is this on the development roadmap at Emsisoft ? I use my G suite account SMTP settings to deliver email notifications for events and my understanding is this will soon no longer be possible. Any application needing to access accounts in this way will need to support OAUTH 2.0 - is this planned for Emsisoft ?
  7. Many thanks for the reply. As we are now out the end of February, I'll just hang on for the official release of 2018.2 Cheers, Nige
  8. Seen this a couple of times now. When performing a malware scan on a new Emsisoft install the scan gets stuck with xinputhid.sys - after about 10 minutes I normally just stop the scan and move on. Anyone else seen this or any way to work around it ( other than excluding that file before I do the first scan ? ) This is on Windows 10 Pro with Emsisoft 2018.1.1.8439. Thanks, Nige
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