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  1. This may have been around for ever but I have only just noticed it. When you select a file in quarantine and click restore, if it was in fact the wrong file selected there is no way to cancel the restoration process. The only option is to say yes or no to add it to the exclusion list. Even closing the confirmation window doesn't cancel, it just restores the file anyway. It may be worth considering adding a cancel button to this dialog to enable a back-out without restoring the file. Thanks ... 👍
  2. Many thanks for the reply. As we are now out the end of February, I'll just hang on for the official release of 2018.2 Cheers, Nige
  3. Seen this a couple of times now. When performing a malware scan on a new Emsisoft install the scan gets stuck with xinputhid.sys - after about 10 minutes I normally just stop the scan and move on. Anyone else seen this or any way to work around it ( other than excluding that file before I do the first scan ? ) This is on Windows 10 Pro with Emsisoft 2018.1.1.8439. Thanks, Nige
  4. Following this thread (can't find a way to do this without a post ! )
  5. Oh yes, it would be nice if we could tab through the email setup fields in the right order as well
  6. The email notification was a GREAT recent addition to Emsisoft. It would be really useful if we could have control over the subject line to some degree. I'd like to be able to hardcode a meaningful computer name and/or username somewhere, even as a prefix or suffix to the standard subject text. Is this anywhere on the roadmap ? Thanks, Nigel