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      Emsisoft is on the hunt for a passionate tech evangelist specializing in the antivirus industry. If you love malware protection software and have a proven ability to generate acquisition traffic through industry influencers, this could be the job for you! You will be responsible for increasing our brand and product visibility on an international level, with a particular focus on English and German speaking regions. Whenever someone asks or searches for good protection software, we want our name to appear. More details at https://www.emsisoft.com/en/company/jobs/


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  1. I use Kaspersky Total Security. Would it be wise to use an anti-malware program alongside Kaspersky? I am trying to choose between Malwarebytes 3 or Emsisoft. Before resetting my laptop, I installed Emsisoft and all my applications stopped working. I believe this to be the case due to Emsisoft intervening with another Anti-Virus program, as I read that you should never use 2 anti-virus programs. I know Emsisoft is anti-malware, but I see that there are different versions of Emsisoft, and I can't make out which one doesn't have an anti-virus programmed in it. Could you please tell me if using Emsisoft alongside my Kaspersky Total Security is wise (if they don't intervene with each other), and which Emsisoft product I need to get? Thanks in advance.