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  1. Hi Globeimposter1 variant decrypter is created by EMISIsoft. I though Since emisisoft understood well on globeimposter1 , globeimposter 2 just a change in encryption technique and fix of bug in imposter1. Hence decode would be easy for EMISISsoft. If Globe imposter2 is not decryptable at this point , that means it used good encryption techniques compared to others. I just want to ask, Why Every attcker not using Globeimposter2 variant , why are the others using weak ceber, crytolocker, Ctb locker which are weak and having flaws in the code.
  2. Hi we are looking for decryptor for the Rumblegoodboy which is globeimposter variant. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/a7d18d6cf6687b04b23b9c6deadc509de035284b8e2b25d1852c62b3fc4abb6f/analysis/ Thanks in advance. b57nd60a.inf.rumblegoodboy malware rumblegoodboy Ransomeware.zip
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