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  1. I added tdsskiller.exe to Emsisoft list of exclusions (Monitoring) and that allowed it to run. However... I'm surprised Emsisoft blocked it silently and wish I knew this beforehand. TDSSKiller is a great tool that other Emsisoft mods have often recommended as part of a PC cleanup. I assumed malware was preventing TDSSKiller from running when it was actually Emsisoft Anti-malware blocking it! I spent many hours trying to remove a rootkit that wasn't there.
  2. Working on a gaming laptop (Windows 10 Home 64bit) with suspected infection. Found adware and suspected rootkit after TDSSKILLER would not run. I reset Windows and confirmed that Tdsskiller ran fine after clean reinstall. I then installed Emsisoft Anti-malware and discovered TDSSKILLER would no longer run - no notice or warning; just a spinning cursor for a second or two then nothing. Can you confirm that these two are incompatible? Does Emsisoft have its own rootkit detector? Thanks
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