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  1. To whom this may concern: I used Emsisoft Malware back in 2015 (the free version) yesterday I received to update program with emsisoft emergency kit free trial. Said it wouldn't interfere with my Kaspersky program. WELL NOT SO MUCH!!! It Shut ME OUT of all my programs!!! I can not access any thing not even the internet on my computer. I tried to uninstall your program but you seem to have it so we can not uninstall it. Any information on how I can uninstall your programs Cleansweep, emergency kit I and access ALL my Programs you would make me happy. Please contact me via +++++++++++++ as I have to access any connection through my phone or tablet. Your Malware worked wonderful back in 2015 and I was happy with it. I had the need to run it again to check for Malware but now I don't think so much. Again my email is ++++++++++++++++++
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