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  1. iWARREN, I like the cartoon blowing up with Mr. Simpson, Funny, keep it coming so folks here can have a smile. Also, @ hjlbx if folks in the forum know how to use emsisoft firewall they will learn pfsense very easily since there are tons of tutorials on youtube and other sites. This firewall is super secure and provides security for all of your network in the home. You can still use a wireless router with it in bridged mode and it blocks so many ip's and port scans until you see the logs you don't realize how many bad guys that are trying to get in your system through open ports, malware and trojans etc. Emsisoft Antimalware is probably the best antimalmare i've ever used and i have tested alot of other products like bitdefender etc. The netgate router comes with pfsense installed. Just checkout pfsense with your favorite search engine and you'll see that what i am saying is right. i am certainly not a computer programmer, engineer, i am just someone who likes security and good antivirus-antimalware protection. This is where the experts at Emsisoft play a tremendous part in our computer on the internet because these malicious attacks are engineered by smart people and it takes people who are experts to keep out the bad guys. Don't mean to lecture, there is always an alternative but i am not giving up on emsisoft antimalware because the firewall is pretty basic as compared to pfsense. You guys in this forum are smart people, do your research on what i have suggested because i don't want anyone to loose their security on the internet.
  2. If you guys are so upset about the firewall let me help you. Go to youtube and search for pfsense and you will be amazed and satisfied with emsisoft. It is more important to concentrate on malware, crypto, ransonware etc which will bypass comodo firewall and or another home router etc. pfSense is used by Companies around the world and it has excellent firewall software of its own plus pfblockerng, snort and all sorts of lists through iblockists, spamhaus and the lists go on an on. This firewall is professional not like windows, comodo etc. Emsisoft is doing the right thing with the focus on malware and ransome and I have already addressed. Don't react like a democrat use your head setup your pfsense with an old pc or buy a server off ebay and make sure it is 64bit with AES NI capablity. This is what I've done and it protects all my computers, blu ray players, tablets, samsung tvs. This is what you need to setup a home network. It is not much money pfsense is free and the server can be gotten cheap on ebay. Let emsisoft know your're supporting them and don't throw temper tantrums like some have.
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