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  1. Hello! If I uninstall EAM & reinstall it can I still use the time left on my license?? Thanks! Marg
  2. I ran an EAM malware scan first & nothin found.! I then ran a JRT scan & it found: C:\users\marg\appdata\roaming\Mozilla\firefox\profiles\f97vedb1.default. This is the second time I got this nasty critter & it stops Eam from opening & causes EAM to hang & a restart is needed. Help Please! Marg
  3. I have EAM for about 1 year now & I did not get Ashampoo with it. Is there a link where I can download it? Thanks! Marg
  4. I have about 80 days left on my license key. Exactly what do I do to add more time with a new license key? Will the 80 days be added to the new 365 day license as in 445 days when the new key is added? Thanks!! Marg
  5. Hello everyone! My EAM is going to expire next month. Should I remove it & download a fresh copy of EAM..?? EAM has been working great.! What do the Mods have to say about a Fresh Install..? Thank You! Marg
  6. Midwest USA. It finally downloaded & updates afterwards are loading fast as usual..! Thanks! Marg
  7. I did not realize I had EAM. My internet connection is fast & all sites I visit load up quickly. The update is at 56% now but is slow like Microsoft updates. Yesterday all updates loaded up in several seconds. Thanks! Marg
  8. I have the EIS bundled with the anti malware so, I have both. Most updates in the past have taken only 30 seconds or less. Marg
  9. The latest update is taking forever!!!! Whats going on???? Thanks!!
  10. Thanks for the good news that my Firewall is working properly! God Bless You! Marg
  11. Yes... Its exactly as the image you posted..!
  12. Yes EIS ... protection/firewall. It looks like you can't help me answer the question though but, Thanks for trying to help out.!! The Firewall does seem to be working.
  13. Under protection the firewall is checked & appears to be working. Public network is in red but, I don't have a public network.
  14. When I first installed Emsisoft Internet security the firewall status was the same display & I thought it was normal. The firewall log seems to be working OK.. I get no warnings from Emsisoft that the firewall is down in the logs. I installed nothing new.
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